Elos Medical
Part of the Westergyllen Group. One of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of surgical and orthopaedic implants and instruments. ELOS manufactures FixAid® and RapAn® in accordance with pre-agreed detailed specifications.
Box 45, SE-540 16 Timmersdala
Nolato Medical Rubber
Nolato Medical Rubber assists leading medical technical companies around the world to develop customised injection-moulded precision components. The O-rings and sealing rings are manufactured for CarpoNovum, in accordance with pre- agreed detailed specifications.
242 93 Hörby
Optima Medical Components Optima has over 25 years experience of medical tubing. Optima manufactures catheters for CarpoNovum in accordance with pre- agreed detailed specifications.
Gunstagatan 16, 753 24 Uppsala
Part of the Gepe Group. Cenova develops and produces plastic medical devices and packaging with in-house produced tooling and assembly machines. Cenova produces blister packaging for CarpoNovum in accordance with pre- agreed detailed specifications.
Hammarplast Medical
Manufactures medical devices for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, surgery, dental and orthopaedic industries. Hammarplast Medical have production facilities in Bredaryd, Sweden, and assembly facility in Tallinn, Estonia.
RESINIT AB is a high-quality supplier of components machined in plastics and thermosettings,
specialised in plastic materials that are challenging to machine, with high demands on quality and delivery reliability. Primary target is the manufacturing industry.