Issue of Shares No 14

The ongoing issue of shares, No 14 is prolonged 2 weeks, until Januari 2, 2019

Extra Shareholders Meeting, December 4, 2018

At the meeting it was decided that Board should consist of 4 persons, Attorney Thomas Enckell, Attorney Jonas Gulliksson, Professor Henrik Thorlacius and CEO Anders Grönberg. The board was constituted as follows: Chairman Thomas Enckell, Board members Anders Grönberg, Henrik Thorlacius and Jonas Gulliksson. Issue of Shares No 14 The ongoing issue of shares, No […]

Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018 The 2018 CarpoNovum Shareholders’ annual Meeting took place on May 24th, 2018 in Lund. Regardless of the number of shares they hold, all shareholders are invited to take part in the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Meeting is/was a special opportunity to talk with CarpoNovum’s CEO and Board. At the meeting, Jonas Gulliksson […]

Human studies on CREX LapAid in Shanghai

Human studies on CREX LapAid in Shanghai After the clinical study success in Xiamen we have started a new clinical study in Shanghai but this time on 100 patients. So far, we have included the first 5 patients.

Human studies on CREX LapAid in Xiamen

Human studies on CREX LapAid in Xiamen The goal to implement 20 patients has come to an end. The study has been successful, and paper will soon be published about the results. No leakage in anastomosis, very well accepted as an excellent functional and easy to use device.

Surgical meeting in Orebro

At the annual surgical meeting in Orebro, CEO Anders Gronberg gave lectures about anastomosis performed by CREX. The anastomosis was stronger (burst pressure) than the intestinal wall at all time points (1h, 12h, 24h, 48h and 72h) after surgery. Stapled anastomosis where fragile the first 48 hours. Burst pressure performed after 7 days (when the […]

Hans Skalin awarded honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Medicine 2014

Long-standing and close relationships with medical research and development at Lund University characterizes this year’s three honorary doctorates. Read more Hans Skalin appointed in 1986 as director to Mrs. Berta Kamprad’s Foundation for Cancer Research that preferably supports cancer research related to the oncology clinic in Lund. The genuine interest and commitment that Hans Skalin has […]

Invitation to subscribe for shares in CarpoNovum AB, January – March 2014

In April 2013 a private placement among existing shareholders was fully subscribed. The subscription period was closed Friday 26th April 2013. The raised gross proceeds were 6.4 MSEK (745.600 EUR). This placement, among existing shareholders, was to provide short term financing until suitable new investors have been identified and these new investors have finalized their […]

Mr Michael Parker, a new member of the advisory board of CarpoNovum (2012-03-13)

Mr Michael Parker, a new member of the advisory board of CarpoNovum (2012-03-13) Michael Parker has joined CarpoNovum, as a member in the advisory board, in our efforts to make CREX to the most wanted method used to anastomose colon to colon and colon to rectum. CarpoNovum are of course very proud to have him […]