CarpoNovum was initiated in 2006 and the first external shareholders entered the company the same year. LUIS (Lunds Universitet Innovations System AB) became a major partner contributing not only with funding but also with competence and advice. During autumn CarpoNovum was awarded with Öhrlings PriceWaterHouseCoopers and LUIS’s Innovation awards.

In 2007 a group of investors from the CONNECT Skåne Business Angels’ network gave the company the means to accelerate its development. Several business angels with senior positions in MedTech companies entered the Board of Directors. CarpoNovum was also awarded both the award of the most successful company in the Connect Sweden network and the national Skapa Development Award.

The vision

CarpoNovum has set the goal to change the perception of how to create an anastomosis. Fundamental studies in wound healing and amazing creativity in the art of engineering have paved the way for the vision. What the colorectal surgeon and patients would benefit from is a procedure which:

  • Creates a fast and reliable anastomosis.
  • Reduces morbidity and mortality.
  • Avoids the need for a protective stoma.
  • Detects potential leakage after surgery.
  • Maintains elasticity of the intestine after surgery.
  • Has the possibility to stimulate, and to improve the outcome of the healing process.
  • Monitors and determines the status of the circulation in the intestinal ends before creating the anastomosis.
  • The surgical procedure should be short, user-friendly and easy to learn.

There are most likely no surgeons who would disagree with the above vision, aiming to create a new platform for colorectal surgery, but there is only one company which has true visionaries and embark on this task.