Hans Skalin awarded honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Medicine 2014

Long-standing and close relationships with medical research and development at Lund University characterizes this year’s three honorary doctorates. Read more

Hans Skalin appointed in 1986 as director to Mrs. Berta Kamprad’s Foundation for Cancer Research that preferably supports cancer research related to the oncology clinic in Lund.

The genuine interest and commitment that Hans Skalin has shown for cancer research in Lund and at the oncology clinic’s research department, has been of great importance for the laboratory’s development and ability to tackle challenges in oncology.

Support from Hans Skalin has contributed significantly to cancer research activities, experimentally and clinically, currently conducted at the entire Faculty of Medicine. Hans follows the research in a respectful manner and is always interested in new ideas and challenges. Not least, this has been made possible by infrastructure investments which have been crucial to the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of the University of Skåne University Hospital.

The Board of directors in CarpoNovum would like to take this opportunity to congratulates Hans to this honorable appointment and wants to thank him for all his support in colon cancer research and the development of a new instrument to anastomose colon after resection of cancer tumors.