Paradigm shift in anastomotic technique

We innovate, manufacture and deliver

a new generation of surgical instruments

for colorectal surgery



The start 2006

CarpoNovum is founded by two colorectal surgeons

Anders Grönberg, MD, PhD, engineer, and Prof. Henrik Thorlacius, MD, PhD

Award 2006

CarpoNovum received

Öhrlings Price Water House Coopers and LUIS Innovation awards


Award 2007

CarpoNovum received the award for the most successful company in the Connect Sweden network

Award 2007

CarpoNovum received the national Skapa Development Award


CE 2011

CARP®, predecessor of C-REX®, received CE marking

Developing 2011-2018

C-REX® device family was developed, clinical studies were conducted in Sweden, Denmark and China.


CE 2018

C-REX® device family received CE marking


Scandinavian CCS 2020

A subsidiary of CarpoNovum AB, is formed for surgical education and clinical practice.


CarpoNovum is a Swedish company innovating, manufacturing and delivering a new generation of surgical instruments for colorectal surgery.


Company’s headquarters, in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities are in Halmstad, Sweden.


Scandinavian Centre for Colorectal Surgery, a subsidiary of CarpoNovum, performs all clinical activities, including surgeons' training and accreditation. 


Thomas Enckell, Attorney-at-law

President of the Board

Thomas is an expert of corporate and property law with solid experience in sales and acquisitions of companies as well as in advisory roles for funds, institutions, private equity and venture capital players.

Anders Grönberg, MD, PhD

Member of the Board

Anders is a senior colorectal surgeon with over 20 years of surgical practice and the engineer behind C-REX®. In addition to his engagement at CarpoNovum, Anders is a CEO of the Scandinavian Centre for Colorectal Surgery. 

Jonas Gulliksson, Attorney-at-law

Member of the Board

Jonas is a senior lawyer with over 40 years of experience in national and international patent and intellectual property litigation and arbitration.


Magnus Jansson

Strategic Advisor

Gunnar Németh, MD, PhD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Ludvig Arbin

Strategic Advisor

Björn Zackrisson, MD, PhD

Urologist & Surgeon


Quality and Regulatory

C-REX® devices are CE-marked in Europe. Regulatory approval has been achieved by complying with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EC as Class IIa devices and CarpoNovum holds a certificate of current version of EN ISO 13485.

Quality policy

All team members of CarpoNovum are committed to improve lives of people undergoing colorectal surgery, by providing high-quality, safe and effective products and services that meet our customers’ needs, with focus on continual improvement, by:

  • having a close collaboration with leading surgeons and health care professionals

  • complying with all applicable regulatory requirements

  • continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System

  • periodically reviewing the performance of the Quality Management System and our Quality Objectives

  • communicating this Quality Policy to all team members, subcontractors and suppliers to assure that it is understood and implemented



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CarpoNovum AB is a Swedish company

innovating, manufacturing and delivering

a new generation of surgical instruments

for colorectal surgery.



Carponovum AB
Olofsdalsvägen 10
302 41 Halmstad, Sweden




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